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Fully automatic packing plant Model DGF

This fully automatic packing plant is made for filling all kinds of granulates, sticks and all other free flowing products, e.g: finest sand, bread crumbs, sticks etc. up to pieces with 8 m diameter.
food-stuffs, chemicals, pharmaceuticals which are to be filled into glasses, boxes, drums, cartons, flacons etc.


  • fully automatic working process, industrial version
  • for small and smaller weights ( always depending on kind of product )
  • construction: painted, zinc-coated, stainless-steel
  • dust-free working
  • adjustment of weights: depending on product approx.100 gr – 2 kg on demand also from approx. 50 gr to 100 gr
  • Output: up to 20 fillings / min. depending on product, diameter of infill opening of glass to be filled and running speed of product to be filled


  • the complete plant is constructed by different moduls, which are combined
  • thus it can be dismantled within a short time and its working place can be changed very fast
  • each modul is drivable with fixing elements
  • immediate changing in working place , at each time and everywhere
  • easy in handling
  • easy and fast cleaning without using any tools
  • noiseless working process
  • automatic safety end control off and dead-man’s-handle
  • dust-free working with corresponding suction-points everywhere
  • industrial outfit for industrial use
  • maintenance-free, no oiling, no greasing. All ball-bearings are closed
  • protected against dust, humidity and other bad influences
  • isolation protection P 54
  • standard electric, no electronic - SPS , thus very resistant while working
  • all moduls are infinitely adjustable in all directions very fast
  • a lot of special equipment can be delivered on demand
  • control panel with optical lamps showing each working process
Pic 1 DGF Pic 2 DGF Pic 3 DGF Pic 4 DGF

Filling products

  • foodstuff, flour, spices
  • sticks, small srews, nuts, dics for nuts
  • caustic soda, sand, stones, coal and filter coal
  • chlorids, free falling, humid, wet, sticky products and powders>
  • dusty powders
  • dry salts, humid and wet sea sealts

Containers to be filled

  • glasses, bottles
  • drums, bags
  • cartons, flacons

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